Solutions & Service

Print and Scan Solutions
From spacing out the print and scan needs of your organization to helping ensure integration to your company’s infrastructure, Hayats Pro is there for you. We offer solutions of all types and price ranges from good, better, to best in a variety of verticals that range from legal to enterprise.


Training and Education
What good is new equipment or software if your staff doesn’t know how to properly use it? We’ll ensure your staff is properly trained on all the solutions we offer to ensure both usability and scalability throughout your organization.

Unified Communication Solutions
Born in the unified communication space and with dozens of industry partnerships, from the Microsoft Surface Hub to Zoom to Cisco to Polycom, Hayats Pro can offer your organization scalable and affordable collaboration solutions, tailored exactly to your company’s infrastructure and budget.

Maintenance Services
Leverage our extensive network of technical field services experts for in or out of warranty products and end-of-service-life options.

Data Center Migration 
Enabling IT to improve time to value of solutions by streamlining installation and set-up with certified engineers.

E-Commission and Data Erasure
We ensure compliance by certifying that the retired equipment is decommissioned and data has been completely removed.

Swing Gear and Demo Pools
Rapid deployment of demo equipment or short- and long-term rentals to ensure continuous operations during data center transformations.

A/V Installation 
From installs of a singular wall mount to installing collaboration screens across multiple sites, Hayats Pro has you covered with our professional install team.
We’ll spec out a solution, install it, and integrate it to your current system.  There’s no solution we haven’t done and if there is, with our dozens of years of experience,
we’ll figure it out and deliver it to you at the lowest possible price.

We’ll connect the systems across your IT organization to allow your company to be more streamlined, efficient, and productive. As your data becomes more interconnected, it allows you to add value through the new functionalities, such as being able to book a meeting room in your company through your Microsoft Surface Hub. We believe that all our processes should offer flexibility in how you work, scalability to ensure said processes grow with you, and reusability to ensure future use.

Installation and Deployment
Improve your customers’ time to value by streamlining installation and set-up with certified engineers.