Solutions by Industry

Enterprise/Corporate Solutions:

Enterprise deployments are some of the most complicated throughout all the industry. You need an expert partner that has the resources to offer a solution, execute on it, and ensure both successful deployments, alongside subsequent scalability for your organization.
You cannot trust just anybody with a project of this size and that’s where Hayats Pros dozens of industry certifications, vendor connections, and decades of experience come into play. We have the knowledge and the proven track record of success with helping large organizations not only grow their IT infrastructure but ensure their practices are cogent and scalable.

SMB Solutions:

Hayats Pro was once a small business too and although we have grown, we maintain that same entrepreneurial mindset that makes small businesses great. With a variety of offerings, from traditional hardware sales to unified communication integration, we have a solution that fits your needs and above all, your budget.

With financing options on all our hardware and services, alongside leasing, we are committed to giving you the best service for the lowest price.


Government organizations have the same complicated IT infrastructure as their private-sector counterparts with additional regulatory requirements, security measures, and limited budgets.

As the public sector begins to modernize alongside the private sector, there are often issues with antique infrastructure that hinders the deployment of new technology.

Here at Hayats, we understand the barriers of the government buying process and have a proven track record of success, alongside numerous government contracts to show for our expertise.


Technology has changed everything, but especially how we learn. School curriculum is shifting from chalkboards to digital whiteboards as education embraces new technology to give their students a competitive edge on their future.

With Hayats Pros proven ability to deploy solutions that streamline network infrastructure, encourage digital collaboration, and enhance the classroom experience. We pride ourselves on building the infrastructure that allows educators to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Maintenance Contracts

Let Hayats Pro give you the freedom to set your own refresh cycles, without pressure from OEM policies. Hayats Pro maintenance and warranty plans are a cost-effective solution to extend the life of data center hardware. Rather than force a hardware refresh due to end of life announcements, we offer you the ability to take full advantage of your hardware investment. 

Gain a Competitive Edge

Utilize third-party party maintenance and warranty solutions to neutralize your competitors. As hardware rolls off OEM warranty, leverage Hayats Pro maintenance to provide an alternative to a refresh. With insight into the retirement of hardware, you are first in line for refresh registration. Now you are in control and have gained an edge.

Vendor Agnostic Coverage & Support

By consolidating hardware maintenance across platforms and vendors, you eliminate multiple contracts and disparate support procedures. The result is reliable end-to-end support for your organization. Hayats Pro maintains a variety of authorizations, certifications, and partnerships to ensure our ability to deliver legendary service.