The Best Features of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Server you need to know

The Best Features of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Server you need to know image

Lenovo has recently launched the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server. The product has become a much talked about thing in the IT market. More and more companies are rapidly adopting it.

Let us see why? This blog will walk you through the most significant features of the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server.

About the Product

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server a perfect 2-attachment 2U rack server for independent companies up to huge undertakings that need industry-driving unwavering quality, the board, and security, just as augmenting execution and adaptability for future development. The SR650 server is intended to deal with a wide scope of remaining burdens, for example, databases, virtualization, and distributed computing, virtual work area foundation (VDI), undertaking applications, coordinated effort/email, and business examination and huge information. Including the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family, the SR650 server offers adaptable execution, stockpiling limit, and I/O development. The SR650 server supports up to two processors, up to 3 TB of 2666 MHz TruDDR4 memory, up to 24x 2.5-inch or 14x 3.5-inch drive inlets with a broad decision of NVMe PCIe SSDs, SAS/SATA SSDs, and SAS/SATA HDDs, and adaptable I/O development choices with the LOM space, the committed stockpiling controller opening, and up to 6x PCIe spaces. The SR650 server offers essential or propelled equipment RAID insurance, and a wide scope of systems administration choices, including selectable LOM, ML2, and PCIe arrange connectors. The cutting edge Lenovo XClarity Controller, which is incorporated with the SR650 server, gives propelled administration processor control, observing, and alarming capacities.

Features of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server

Future characterized server farm 

Lenovo conveys financially savvy, dependable, and adaptable arrangements by joining industry-driving innovation and the world's best programming characterized contributions with Lenovo ThinkShield, XClarity, and TruScale Infrastructure Services to deal with the existence cycle of your server farm needs. ThinkSystem SR650 offers help for information

examination, mixture cloud, hyperconverged foundation, video observation, elite figuring, and substantially more.

The support that has been optimized for Workload

Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory conveys another, adaptable level of memory structured explicitly for server farm remaining tasks at hand that offer an exceptional blend of high limit, reasonableness, and steadiness. This innovation will significantly affect true server farm activities: decrease of restart times from minutes down to seconds, 1.2x virtual machine thickness, drastically improved information replication with 14x lower inactivity and 14x higher IOPS, and more prominent security for tenacious information incorporated with hardware.

Adaptable storage capacity

Lenovo AnyBay configuration includes a decision of drive interface type in a similar drive inlet: SAS drives, SATA drives, or U.2 NVMe PCIe drives. Opportunity to design a portion of the bayous with PCIe SSDs and still utilize the rest of the inlets for limit SAS drives gives the capacity to move up to more PCIe SSDs later on as required.

Engaging IT management

Lenovo XClarity Controller is the installed administration motor in all ThinkSystem servers that are intended to institutionalize, rearrange, and mechanize establishment server the executive's errands. Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a virtualized application that midway oversees ThinkSystem servers, stockpiling, and systems administration, which can lessen provisioning time up to 95% versus manual activity. Running XClarity Integrator causes you to streamline IT executives, speed provisioning, and contain costs via flawlessly coordinating XClarity into a current IT condition.

Performance, convenience, dependability, and extension abilities were key contemplations in the plan of the server. These structure highlights make it workable for you to modify the framework equipment to address your issues today and give adaptable extension abilities to what's to come.

Your Lenovo thinks system sr650 server collates the given specs, features, and technologies:

  • Lenovo XClarity Controller (CXC) 

The Lenovo XClarity Controller is the normal administration controller for Lenovo ThinkSystem server equipment. The Lenovo XClarity Controller combines various administration works in a solitary chip on the server framework board. 

A portion of the highlights that are interesting to the Lenovo XClarity Controller are improved execution, higher-goals remote video, and extended security choices

UEFI-compliant server firmware

Lenovo ThinkSystem firmware is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) 2.5 consistent. UEFI replaces BIOS and characterizes a standard interface between the working framework, stage firmware, and outside gadgets. 

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers are equipped for booting UEFI-agreeable working frameworks, BIOS-based working frameworks, and BIOS-based connectors just as UEFI-consistent connectors. 

Note: The server doesn't bolster DOS (Disk Operating System).

  • Large system-memory capacity

The server supports enlisted DIMMs (RDIMMs), load-diminished DIMMs (LRDIMMs), three-dimensional stack enrolled DIMMs (3DS RDIMMs) and DC Persistent Memory Modules (DCPMMs)...

  • Flexible network support

The server has a connector for the LOM connector, which gives two or four system connectors for system support.

  • Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

This incorporated security chip performs cryptographic capacities and stores private and opens secure keys. It gives the equipment backing to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) particular. You can download the product to help the TCG determination.

Confided in Platform Module (TPM) has two adaptations - TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0. You can change the TPM variant from 1.2 to 2.0 and back once more. 

For more data on TPM arrangements, see "Empower TPM/TCM" in the Maintenance Manual. 

Note: For clients in the Chinese Mainland, a Lenovo-qualified TPM 2.0 connector or a Trusted Cryptographic Module (TCM) connector (in some cases called a little girl card) might be pre-introduced.

  • Large data-storage capacity and hot-swap capability

The server models bolster a limit of fourteen 3.5-inch hot-swap SAS/SATA stockpiling drives, or a limit of twenty-four 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS/SATA/NVMe stockpiling drives. 

With this amazing new highlight, you can include, expel, or supplant drives without killing the server.

  • Mobile access to Lenovo Service Information website

The server gives a QR code on the framework administration name, which is on the front of the server, that you can sweep utilizing a QR code peruser and scanner with a cell phone to get speedy access to the Lenovo Service Information site. The Lenovo Service Information site gives extra data to parts establishment and substitution recordings, and mistake codes for supporting the server.

  • Redundant networking connection

The Lenovo XClarity Controller gives failover capacity to a repetitive Ethernet association with the material application introduced. On the off chance that an issue happens with the essential Ethernet association, all Ethernet traffic that is related to the essential association is consequently changed to the discretionary excess Ethernet association. If the relevant gadget drivers are introduced, this exchanging happens without information misfortune and client intercession.

  • Redundant cooling and optional power capabilities

The server bolsters a limit of two hot-swap power supplies and six hot-swap fans, which give the excess to an average setup. The repetitive cooling by the fans in the server empowers proceeded with activity on the off chance that one of the fans falls flat.


From the foregoing discussion, it is evident that this is a great piece of technology. Lenovo is great when it comes to product development and bridging the gaps.

This launch of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server is just one step further towards providing more comfort to all the loyal customers of Lenovo.