What are the 8 main computer components and their uses? (66)

What are the 8 main computer components and their uses? (66) image

Computer- The box that has now become an integral part of our world. All our data is stored in it. One small break down in its functioning and our work comes to a standstill.

Haven’t you wondered what all is fitted inside this big box? What are the components that make it work? 

Let us see!

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the "Brain" of the PC. The focal handling unit gives the computations and control of information sent from the client. Each time the client clicks a key executes an application or peruses the Web, the CPU peruses the code in question and returns the reaction to the client. The CPU works intimately with memory, which is the part that sends put away information to the unit.

The focal handling unit, or the minds of the PC, sits on the motherboard and really does have its own cooling fan. The processors presently are so quick they should be chilled off. Every one of the directions you give the PC - like a tick of a mouse - experience the CPU, which forms in billions of cycles for every second. Ordinarily introduced processors have quad-centers, or four separate processors in a single part. There are six-center and eight-center accessible, and the further developed the innovation the higher the expense. That is one of the decisions you may need to make.


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RAM is variable in a PC. More seasoned PCs had just a couple dozen megabytes of RAM introduced. At the point when PCs got famous during the 1990s, PCs had 32 megabytes of memory. Motherboards and programming presently require in any event one gigabyte to work. Slam contains the data during the time the PC is on. After the machine is killed, the data in RAM is lost. 

Besides the CPU sits the reserve or the transitory memory where things you are dealing with sit for fast translation by the CPU. The RAM chip is likewise close to this area. Irregular access memory is unstable, or transitory, memory. At whatever point you turn on a program, its directions are put away in RAM while the machine is on. When you shut the machine down, both the reserve and the RAM are totally gotten out. Slam stockpiling is normal at eight, ten or twelve gigabytes.

ROM, or read-just memory, is situated here also. This is a lasting, or non-unpredictable, memory. When you turn on your PC, the beginning up guidelines that are put away in ROM start to execute. In any event, when you turn it off, the directions put away in ROM remain. So if you have a machine that runs Windows when you hit the catalyst button, you'll get a short screen that may give you a message from the maker. At that point out of sight, you'll simply observe dark and the Windows logo comes through, and it will say 'Beginning Windows.' What's going on there is that when you hit the power button, your ROM is kicking in and firing up every one of those guidelines for frameworks checks.


A drive is a gadget planned to store information when it's not being used. A hard drive or strong state drive stores a PC's working framework and programming, which we'll take a gander at all the more firmly. This class additionally incorporates optical drives, for example, those utilized for perusing and composing CD, DVD and Blu-beam media. A drive associates with the motherboard dependent on the sort of drive controller innovation it utilizes, including the more seasoned IDE standard and the more up to date SATA standard. 

In contrast to RAM, the hard drive stores information much after the machine is killed. A hard drive is the capacity unit for the machine. Spared reports and applications are put away on the hard drive utilizing attraction. The hard drive is comprised of little platters with a moving head. The platters turn as the head moves to and fro to recover and store information.

Video Card

The video card gives the picture seen on the screen. The video card is joined to a screen utilizing a VGA link. Some video cards have two screen associations. This enables the client to connect two screens to the PC, so the work area can be spread crosswise over the two screens for better ease of use.


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Every segment is joined to the motherboard. The motherboard gets control from the PC's capacity supply. The motherboard enables every one of the parts to convey, including the CPU. The motherboard additionally contains controllers, which are circuits that help the working framework works with the equipment, for example, the hard drive.

All segments, all around, associate through the motherboard here and there. Different parts recorded on this page are removable and therefore, replaceable without supplanting the motherboard. A few significant segments, however, are joined legitimately to the motherboard. 

These incorporate the integral metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS), which stores some data, for example, the framework clock, when the PC is shut down. Motherboards come in various sizes and gauges, the most widely recognized as of this composing being ATX and MicroATX. From that point, motherboards differ by the kind of removable parts they're intended to deal with inside and what ports are accessible for joining outer gadgets.

Cooling devices

The more your PC forms, the more warmth it creates. The CPU and different parts can deal with a specific measure of warmth. In any case, if a PC isn't cooled appropriately, it can overheat, making exorbitant harm its parts and hardware. Fans are the most widely recognized gadget used to cool a PC. Moreover, the CPU is secured by a metallic square called a warmth sink, which draws heat away from the CPU. Some genuine PC clients, for example, gamers, now and then have increasingly costly warmth the executives arrangements, similar to a water-cooled framework, intended to manage progressively extraordinary cooling requests.

Optical Drives:

The Optical Drives are a tad old idea. All things considered, numerous old machines do have an optical drive for compelling perusing of CDs just as DVDs. These are utilized to tune in to music, watch most loved films or recordings. These days, the vast majority of the product is introduced from the web. Along these lines, plates have become less valuable and significant, particularly when you utilize a workstation.

Input & Output Devices:

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This relies upon your PC or PC that you can interface various gadgets for sending data into it. A portion of the info gadgets incorporates a mouse, touchpads, webcams, consoles through the yield gadgets incorporate printers, screen, speakers and some more. Media, for example, Flash Drives, SD cards are likewise used to move information between the at least two PCs or PC frameworks.


These are the pillars on which your computer functions. All these components are extremely necessary for your computer’s proper functioning. As written above already, they have their own exclusive function to perform.

All these components when working together, help you to get the desired output.