Video Conferencing- What can it do for you? (75)

Video Conferencing- What can it do for you?  (75) image

Man is a social animal. The way he/she interacts with a person determines a lot about his role in society, his office, his family, etc.

There was a time when a phone call from a loved one would take away all the weariness of the day away. Now, you have a better option- Video Calling.

Video calling has proved to be beneficial not only on the personal level but on the business level too. Business medium-large is adopting the option of video conferencing rather than actual meetings and it is helping them collaborate more often and more productively.

Let us discuss a few aspects of Video Conferencing

What are the Major Components of Video Conference?

A good quality video cam

Video conferencing wouldn’t be feasible without contemporary digicam generation. It’s crucial that everybody speaking through video may be surely seen, without jerky or unreliable pictures getting inside the manner of their message. Digicam great has significantly stepped forward inside the last several years, and prices have gradually dropped. This indicates many of your customers can be capable of comfortably put money into a video digital camera or webcam that gives clear, reliable video at an exceedingly excessive resolution.

A suitable Audio input

A video conferencing system cannot be successful without clear, understandable audio. Although you can't always control the exceptional of the generation on the other give up of your customers’ video conferencing calls, you could ensure that their speech is captured as efficacious as viable with fantastic (and properly-placed) microphones

A good Codec Device

This is additionally a vital piece of the puzzle. The codec is the hardware or software that digitally compresses each the audio and video for every conferencing session. Then, the “packets” are transmitted through a digital network (increasingly more, IP networks) to the endpoint or endpoints. Look for a codec device that could gain excessive compression quotes so audio and video are relayed seamlessly, in actual-time. Today, compression rates of up to one:500 are an increasing number of commonplace. Make sure to pick out a tool this is requirements-based totally and without problems interoperable with different websites.

Suitable Endpoint devices

This refers back to the multiple devices that handle the video and audio output in a conferencing gadget, which would possibly include a video display, loudspeakers, a phone, tv display, projector, and more. These devices can be tailor-made on your consumer’s needs, ranging from stand-alone computing device devices to large room-primarily based structures. Searching for out an endpoint gadget that is nicely-hooked up and has been proven with different clients.

The Appropriate Computer System

In any video conferencing system, computers deal with the facts compressing and decompressing and provide access to the community. Relying on your purchaser's needs and the dimensions in their video conferencing device, they'll require greater powerful computer systems with higher processing speeds than others.

Advantages of Video Conferencing 

Increase in overall productivity

You get growth in productiveness among groups. Video conferencing allows participants to live extra targeted and alert on the topic of discussion.

As a consequence project get completed a whole lot faster. Productiveness additionally will increase and your personal experience more in sync with each different. Eztalks has functions like HD video and audio, loose display screen sharing. It helps you have a powerful conference with all managerial gear handy.

Better connectivity

Video conferencing is a great aid to improve verbal exchange and re-establish relationships. At some point in a video conference, you get to peer into the body language and facial expressions of the participants. This results in a greater effective and faster collaboration. It facilitates to make the employees sense that they're close to the house workplace additionally. It facilitates personnel to advantage believe in their employers and betters information amongst them also..

A great aid in telecommunication

Video conferencing additionally helps telecommunication. It facilitates to offer a visible display in your regular audio call. If employees have flexible work timings then video conferencing may be a very good manner to diminish a loss of interplay amongst personnel

Reach out to more people at the same time

Video conferencing permits you to behavior meetings with several human beings on the equal time. You could talk and chat with humans from different elements of the sector at the convenience of your residence or workplace. Business owners can connect with customers and employees and maintain discussions. Strategic making plans and conferences which require several participants to be present can be performed simply. You get the option of talking to a couple of human beings at the identical time and carry out your business techniques effortlessly. Therefore projects get finished quicker, and offers get finalized within a short period 

Save Hours & Money on your travels

It helps you a long way in saving time and money associated with the business tour. Enterprise owners connect to human beings by using video conventions for ordinary conferences, negotiating offers, interviewing candidates, and many others. As a consequence, a variety of cash gets saved from the price of traveling to exclusive locations. That is significantly beneficial for a corporation as they start getting greater returns. As a consequence video conferencing performs a key position in decreased charges of walking the enterprise.

Need for Video Conferencing 

More Convenient

The use of mobile phones has been continuing to grow, with consultants predicting that smartphones and tablets can account for nearly eighty % of all net use by next year. For businesses, this implies employees are more and more conducting their work victimization their smartphones instead of a desktop or notebook computer. And they're victimization these devices to form themselves additionally accessible despite their location or schedules. rather than watching for their boss to return from a business trip, as an example, associate degree worker will have a face to face, important spoken language over the video to stay comes moving forward. 

Video Shows The Non-Verbal

As the ways of communication flip additional and more digital, miscommunication has become more and more common. In texts and emails, especially, folks tend to “fill in the blanks,” adding associate degree inflection or maybe a countenance to the words they’re reading. this could additionally happen over the phone, once an individual might not see that the person speaking features a smile, or an involved look. A key good thing about video conferencing conferences is that it eliminates these discrepancies, lease participants register and perceive gather all the visual communication cues that

Video Conferences is an aid to Team Building

When you're on a team of workers UN agencies aren't primarily based within the same workplace or location, there's continually a challenge with team bonding. Phone calls can't replace the amount of association you get from a face-to-face spoken language at the device or in an exceeding room. Studies show that colleagues UN agency will see one another connect on a deeper level, which is essential for productivity and team building. Therefore take care to encourage video conferencing throughout all of your team conferences.

Video Combats Remote Isolation

Despite the numerous edges of remote work, there’s a drawback, as well. Workers UN agency work far away from the workplace have according to feeling socially isolated, not solely from their colleagues, however from folks normally. Video conferences will facilitate remote employees by transportation that feeling of social interaction and collaboration in an exceeding method chat, email, and phone calls can't. It additionally brings those workers into the workplace, connecting them with the remainder of the folks they work with (as mentioned above!) albeit they're not within the same room. 


Video Saves Time and Money

The use of a video conference system can even facilitate a business save on time and cash. Having an associate degree in-person meeting means that folks ought to trip get there. this implies workers and corporations need to worry regarding travel prices, which may be quite intensive in some cases. There could even be instances wherever employees travel across the country, simply to be in an exceedingly meeting. Video conferencing eliminates most, if not all, of those travel cases.

By permitting folks to air a video decision from a place within the country or the planet, they now not need to be within the same space.



Video conferencing can go a long way to help the medium and small groups. You can cut out a lot on your conference budgets. It will help you to save a lot of time and money. Not only it will make your business processes more agile.

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