What are the Advantages of Lexmark Printers?

What are the Advantages of Lexmark Printers? image

Printers are mind-boggling system gadgets that require conscious thought concerning security. Lexmark's printing and systems administration items incorporate a wide cluster of security-related highlights.

Lexmark offers solid, moderate printers arrangements and multifunctional gadgets for any situation, paying little mind to which industry you work in or the size of your organization. ThinPrint, the world's driving supplier of print the board programming and administrations, enhances print framework and expands venture efficiency. 

The privilege ThinPrint arrangements are accessible for an assortment of Lexmark printers on account of serious improvement work. This implies organizations can profit by the fundamental ThinPrint highlights when utilizing Lexmark gadgets in all IT structures, without utilizing outside equipment.

Let us study about Lexmark printers in more detail.


Features of Lexmark Printers


  • The Lexmark Genesis All-in-One printer includes a reflexive piano dark complete the process, ensuring that it looks "advanced" in any setting. 

  • Within Lexmark incorporated a 10MP imaging sensor, which makes it simple for the printer to move a page from "record to advanced" in only a couple of moments. 

  • Not any more trusting that that flatbed scanner will take care of business, as the Genesis will carry out the responsibility for you quicker than at any other time. 

  • On the facade of the gadget, you'll locate a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, including a shading show. You'll control the printer from the touchscreen, and you'll even get the opportunity to get to Lexmark's SmartSolutions applications. 

  • A portion of the applications included is Evernote, Box.net, and Stamps.com. You'll even discover Twitter and Facebook applications, which you'll have the option to transfer pictures to the interpersonal interaction destinations directly from the machine.

  • The Genesis additionally includes two-sided printing and coordinated remote N network. Lexmark affirmed that the new printer will dispatch in 2011, and have an expected sticker price of $399.


Backing for SNMPv3 permits Lexmark printers to be overseen safely by standard SNMP comfort applications. There are two significant components to the security gave by SNMPv3: 

  • Confirmation enables approved frameworks to see and deal with the printer using SNMPv3 while closing out unapproved frameworks.

  • Encryption of the SNMPv3 parcels shields the data from being sniffed from the system. 

  • Or then again, more precisely, the sniffed information is futile because it's scrambled.

The verification highlights of SNMPv3 enable the printer to invalidate SNMPv3 traffic except if the solicitations are gone before by a validation (employing MD5 or SHA1). The printer underpins two SNMPv3 accounts:

  • confirming against one yields the capacity to peruse the printer's settings yet not think of them, verifying against the different gives the privilege to peruse and compose the printer's settings. 

  • Backing for information security in SNMPv3 implies that the printer and SNMP customer can utilize an encryption calculation (DES, or AES with 128, 192, or 256 piece keys) to encode the SNMPv3 traffic. 

  • Similarly, as with different instruments for dealing with the printer, SNMP can be crippled—if it's not utilized in a specific situation, it very well may be and ought to be killed totally

The printer can store and apply two confirmations for use with IPSec. The printer consolidates a self-stamped underwriting that can be displaced with a presentation set apart by a CA.

  • This statement can be delivered without any planning, or it will, in general, be made with the base64 encoded PKCS report that is introduced in the printer and available through its web interface.

  • This empowers the printer's character to be endorsed by various structures in the CA condition. Additionally, the printer can store the CA's support as a trusted in root CA confirmation, empowering it to endorse the character of various systems in the CA condition.

Backing for separating individual ports gives an assortment of advantages, including:

• Increased security by granular and legitimate power over the conventions the gadget forms or overlooks. 

• Cleaner port sweeps—shut down the unneeded ports and ports outputs won't report potential vulnerabilities that should be found and comprehended. 

• Redundancy—numerous conventions (for example, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, and others) can be crippled on the printer and port separating enables the comparing ports to be incapacitated also.

• Reduced system traffic.

Benefits of using ThinPrint Client with Lexmark Printers

The ThinPrint Client coordinated in Lexmark printers guarantees effective correspondence with the ThinPrint Engine. On account of ThinPrint's versatile pressure strategy, information volumes when moving print occupations are decreased by up to 98%. The profoundly compacted print information can be handled legitimately with the ThinPrint Client from the Lexmark printer. Thus, organizations profit by an altogether diminished weight on their corporate system and greatest execution. With the incorporated ThinPrint Client, numerous different focal points of the ThinPrint innovation can be utilized, including wide-extending backing of completing choices.

Decompress and decipher print occupations straightforwardly 

The ThinPrint Client on Lexmark gadgets can get scrambled, packed print information straightforwardly from the ThinPrint Server, completely dispensing with the requirement for a different server or door. 

User-accommodating printing 

Thanks to ThinPrint's virtual printer driver, the printer exchange is uniform and clear for clients in any IT condition, regardless of where the print occupation is activated. 

Secure and classified printing with ThinPrint's draw printing arrangement 

With ThinPrint, you can safely print classified records on your Lexmark gadgets. ThinPrint's Personal Printing permits client validation employing RFID cards or PIN input straightforwardly at the printer. Simply after closing to home validation by the client, does the printing procedure starts.  

This guarantees the security and privacy of records are constantly ensured. In the printer's presentation, you can choose or erase employments from the rundown of current print occupations. Download the Personal Printing Client for your Lexmark printer here.

Practical completing alternatives 

With ThinPrint's propelled customization abilities, Lexmark clients exploit something other than the essential highlights of their multifunction printer – paying little heed to whether the organization has physical work areas or a virtualization arrangement set up.

Paper types, goals, duplex printing, and completing choices, for example, gap punching, stapling, official just as N-up (printing of numerous pages on a solitary page), for instance would all be able to be utilized gratitude to the ThinPrint Client. 

Cloud imprinting in superb quality 

ThinPrint Cloud Printer makes portable, area autonomous printing with Lexmark simple. To do as such, ThinPrint gives an assortment of altered and tried printer drivers in the facilitating focus and doles out these drivers to the comparing Lexmark printer models. 

The outcome is that steady cloud printing can be offered for some Lexmark gadgets with magnificent print quality.


This is all we have in store for you. All the Lexmark produced devices are amazing. Lexmark printers are no exception to it. 

You can plan to purchase one if it suits your needs.