What are the best portable projectors for powerpoint presentations?

What are the best portable projectors for powerpoint presentations?

Business presentations are an important thing. They can make or break your deal. Therefore, you must invest in the best gadgets that can accentuate the experience of a presentation.

Delivering presentations by way of a projector is a great choice. A projector can help you to deliver your ideas in a better and more appealing way. You can reach out to more people in one single presentation.

Today, we shall discuss the best projectors for presentations. Here is a list of the best portable projector. After going through this blog, you will have a fair idea about the best portable projector for business

 portable projectors for powerpoint presentations

ViewSonic PA503S SVGA 

ViewSonic PA503S is one of the most noteworthy evaluated business projectors that holds high respects from numerous entrepreneurs through the US. It offers an ideal mix of DLP projection innovation and 800 X 600 local goals that cooperate to put out an unfathomable information picture quality during your introduction. 

While having an introduction session with your customers, you should know the compelling reason to stress over the permeability of writings as the moderate business projector sacks 3600 ANSI lumens which can be adequate for any office space. Also, you will be alarmed by its lucidity, and it is predominantly because of the 22000:1 difference proportion that conveys a high measure of wealth and profundity in each edge. 

ViewSonic PA503S is frequently viewed as extraordinary compared to other business projectors as it brings exuberant information pictures utilizing SuperColor innovation which has a six-fragment shading haggle light control. At the point when you show quick casing visuals to your office workers, they won't perceive any movement obscure, and it is mostly because of its 16ms info idleness.

Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector

Epson is one of the main names that strike a chord while picking the projectors for workplaces and business conference rooms. Epson EH-TW650 empowers you to encounter full-HD film seeing at home also. 

Epson EH-TW650 accompanies a great 3100 lumens projector light to guarantee propelled picture preparing. It conveys HD sharp and fresh pictures to make a top-notch amazing experience. 

This machine ventures pictures on screens as enormous as 300 crawls to give a motion picture like involvement with the home. Setting up this projector is simple given highlights like basic cornerstone adjustment, iProjection application, and inherent WiFi. 

Watching donning activities like the World Cup cricket or Wimbledon is a magnificent encounter utilizing this projector. It is a perfect projector for gathering rooms in workplaces as a result of its capacity to produce clear pictures in splendidly lit rooms. 

The 3LCD innovation makes it a superior performing projector than those dealing with the 1-chip DLP projectors.

Benq MX 532P 3D XGA Projector

Benq MX 532P is a heavenly projector that is perfect for use in workplaces and gathering rooms in lodgings and huge corridors. 

Benq MX 532P takes a shot at Digital Light Processing innovation. In contrast with the most recent LCD innovation, the 1-chip DLP innovation is a second rate one. 

In any case, DLP is more dependable than LCD. Furthermore, it utilizes small scale mirrors to extend pictures from a screen onto a screen. 

The Benq MX 532 is a 3D projector. Consequently, it is a decent one for use in instructive foundations. 

The benefit of Benq MX 532P is the superb brilliance of the projector light at 3300 lumens. The high differentiation proportion of 15000:1 is likewise one of the features of this projector. 

This projector is anything but difficult to introduce and utilize. It accompanies fantastic availability choices, for example, double HDMI inputs. 

The 1080p high goals guarantee that it is a perfect projector for use in workplaces too. Another positive part of Benq projectors is that they offer a problem-free execution of the highest caliber.

Optoma X341 DLP 

Optoma X341 fills in as a typical decision with regards to a compact projector for the business introduction, and the interest for this model has never gone down. Each client commends it for its restrictive information picture quality alongside considerable profundity, and the DLP innovation serves vital help behind this presentation. 

It houses 3300 lumens of splendor so you can anticipate a clear perspective on your introduction with express messages and pictures. Anyway, the 22000:1 balance proportion alongside cutting edge optical focal point decides the clearness, itemizing and surface in the information picture. It even gets Edge cover which slices harsh and delicate edges of the edges along these lines enabling you to depict a dynamic information picture. 

The pictures in the introduction wake up in Optoma X341, and all the acclaim goes to its Brilliant Color innovation alongside the sRGB show profile offering high REC709 shading precision. It enables you to convey the introduction to any room without requiring screen as it comes to divider shading alteration which changes the gamma out to coordinate the shade of the divider. Be that as it may, you won't have the option to use its inbuilt 2-watt speaker as it doesn't have offer great lucidity or volume.

LG Minibeam PH550G

The LG Minibeam PH550G is a splendid business projector for individuals who regularly chip away at the street on account of its reduced size. It's remote too, enabling you to interface a cell phone or tablet to it and exhibit your introductions or media rapidly and effectively. 

This is incredible for off the cuff gatherings, and in spite of its little stature, it offers splendid picture and sound quality. In case you're after a business projector that will influence the spectators in tremendous keynote addresses, at that point this isn't the projector for you – it generally diminishes and needs goals – yet for introductions when out and about, this is effectively truly outstanding.

Dell M115HD Mobile LED Projector

A more affordable decision appropriate for introductions to little gathering gatherings, the Dell M115HD is minor at 13 ounces and 4" x 4"x 1.4" in size, making it ideal for movement. 

It just has 450 ANSI lumens of brilliance at WXGA goals and with DLP innovation conveys incredible picture lucidity under perfect conditions. There are USB, VGA, and HDMI inputs and a discretionary (however revoltingly costly) dongle for the remote network. 

If you are a business "street warrior" and searching for an astounding projector in a little, lightweight bundle, the Dell M115HD possesses all the necessary qualities.

Vivitek Qumi Q5 LED/DLP Portable Projector

The Vivitek Qumi Q5 projector is another reasonable decision that is splendidly satisfactory for some business introductions. It's minor impression (6.3" x 1.3" x 4.0") and lightweight (1.1 lbs.) makes it perfect for movement. 

It bolsters WXGA and HD goals yet have only 500 lumens of splendor using DLP innovation. All things considered, the 30,000+ hour LED life implies no costly bulb substitutions. Information sources incorporate HDMI and USB, and Office Viewer permits playback of an assortment of picture arrangements, archives, and video documents without association with a PC. 3D able, it likewise has a remote network through the discretionary USB dongle. For the individuals who like energetic hues, it comes in blue, yellow and red models. 

With these numerous highlights at an unobtrusive value, the Vivitek Qumi Q5 is a superb decision for a compact projector.

Optoma EH500 

Optoma EH500 may not be the best versatile LCD, LED or DLP projector for introduction in the market, however most likely it is at standard with the top plan of action. This exceptional gadget is about awesome information picture quality and to guarantee it gets the blend of Full HD local goals alongside DLP innovation. 

However, its industry-driving 4700 ANSI lumens takes all the spotlight, and you will never get cleaned out pictures in any event, when every one of the lights is turned on. It likewise packs 10000:1 differentiation proportion which helps the projector in keeping up an ideal lucidity and dark profundity in all the content in the information picture. Splendid Color innovation fills in as one of the spines behind Optoma EH500's inconceivable execution, and it supports each visual just as pictures with high shading exactness. This model with its full HD 3D capacity enables you to drench your watchers into a marvelous introduction experience which you won't discover even in the best Pico business projectors.


These are some of the best projectors for presentations that are available in the market. After going through the specs of these printers, you must also look into the pricing structure of each product.

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