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Inkjet printers are the best option for small scale businesses as they have a low-start up cost and are capable of printing any proprietary to graphic document with fine details & smooth color blending. Inkjet printers are inexpensive as their cartridges can be refilled for reuse--- which saves on wastage & costs. Being reasonably easy to use and fast, these printers turn out as a perfect fit for the businesses looking for affordable integration with quality products.

HayatsPro has a range of low cost, quality producing inkjet printing machines that suits your limited budget & ongoing productivity needs!

If you have planned to instate a low cost, highly productive inkjet printer to your system,  verify your selection based on these 4 key factors:

  • Print Speed - If you are looking for shared printers for your mid-size to big offices, look for the printer model that has a print speed of 10 pages per minute.

  • Tray capacity - To avoid constant reloading and downtime, it is best to look for a printer that has a large tray size with a capacity of holding a minimum of 150 pages.

  • Manual feed function - If your business wants prints on other types of papers like envelopes, letterheads, look for the units having a second tray with a manual feed function.

  • Automatic duplexing - If your business wants to save on paper space and require automatic printing on both sides of the paper, without needing to open the tray & flipping the sheets --- look for units with the automatic duplexing feature.

Confused? What kind to buy? HayatsPro has a range of best small business Inkjet printers factored based on the above & other features ---check out now!

The inkjet printer comes in different models, each with different duty cycles. You will find printers with a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 pages - which are good for your small print requirements and there you will find some high-end models with an output of 100,000 produces or more -- good for heavy use. It is best to choose for the product that has an equal or highest duty cycle than your monthly print requirements.

HayatsPro offers you a range of optimal to high-end duty cycle products based on the supply requirement your business owns!

To keep your business uptime, low-cost & quality-rich print supplies intact, HayatsPro brings you innovative & easy-to-instate inkjet printing machines from power brands like HP, Epson, Canon, and more --- at too good to be true deals & quality.

We are your one-stop modern IT infrastructure enablers --- who help you plan, select, and receive the best printing solutions that are upright to keep up with your productive business.


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