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Top Selling Ethernet Switches

About HayatPro's Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches are the best options to connect your enterprise’s multiple devices to a network and route data to only specified hardware. These network switches come with diverse ports (from 5 to 48 ports) that can easily help to manage your enterprise’s small to complex networks, they can easily be placed on your office desk or server rooms to optimize network performance at all levels. The ethernet switch gigabit support is up to 10/100/1000, which is a great fit for small to heavy data transfers. And their compatibility to 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standards can help you save big on your business data center energy costs.

HayatsPro has a range of Ethernet switches to support any connected enterprise’s networking requirements!

Many of today’s ethernet switches have advanced networking features that:

  • Supports QoS (Quality of Service) protocols which enhances any streaming media’s reliability. 

  • Supports PoE/PoE+ connections (allows high voltage power supply to ethernet cables) to assist jump frames for more intensified network throughput. 

  • Have ports which are configured to provide low-latency links to reduce the network lapses.

  • Advanced media ports to maximize the streaming media’s performance.

  • Support for IP4 and IP6 networking protocols that ensures devices compatibility with present & future networking protocols.

When you shop with HayatsPro, you get every advanced networking feature that your enterprise’s multilayer networks & connected devices needs!

Though both ethernet switches and hubs transfer the data packets throughout the diverse connections, the only difference is --- Hubs transmits received data to all the ports (around a small & isolated network), while switches only send data to the physically linked connections (which are recognized by data packets). And this kind of transmission to only linked connections is effective for large networking requirements as it helps with fast data transfer, data isolation, less data congestion, and improved network security.

HayatsPro’s ethernet switches options are the best fit for your big, complex network topographies & connected devices!

There are two kinds of ethernet switches --- Unmanaged & Managed network switches. The unmanaged switches are best for limited spaces like households, small office, while managed network switches are ideal for heavy networking setup as they:

  • Have advanced features as virtual LAN controls, seamless routing features for reducing network congestion.

  • Have support for trusted MAC address management, guest LAN, ACLs, (access control lists), HTTPS/SSL encryption protocols for improving network security.

  • Help admins to get access to management features via serial console or web-based interfaces.

HayatsPro has a range of managed network switches that are ideal for your complex network setup & devices!

HayatsPro vends you highly-functional managed to unmanaged network or ethernet switches, USB to Ethernet switch, wifi to Ethernet switch devices --- to help your enterprise easily configure, manage and secure its network & data transmission between important connected devices. We have a range of smart and multi-protocol supportive ethernet switches that are reliable for your every network connectivity, optimization & management needs.

Shop for our ethernet switch best brand options of top-quality at best deals now!


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