Logitech Pebble i345 - mouse - Bluetooth - graphite


HP Desktop 320M - mouse

HP Desktop 320M - mouse


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HP Desktop 320K - keyboard

HP Desktop 320K - keyboard


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HP 235 - keyboard and mouse set - US - Smart Buy


HP Desktop 320M - mouse - USB - Smart Buy

HP Desktop 320M - mouse - USB - Smart Buy


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HP Desktop 320MK - keyboard and mouse set - US - Smart Buy
Logitech B100 - mouse - USB

Logitech B100 - mouse - USB

MPN: 910-001439

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HP 225 - keyboard and mouse set - US - black - Smart Buy
HP 125 - mouse - USB - black

HP 125 - mouse - USB - black

MPN: 265A9UT

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HP 125 - keyboard - US - Smart Buy

HP 125 - keyboard - US - Smart Buy


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Logitech K120 - keyboard - English - black


HP Business Slim - keyboard - US - black

HP Business Slim - keyboard - US - black


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Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320 - keyboard and mouse set
Logitech Desktop MK120 - keyboard and mouse set - English
V7 CKU200US - keyboard and mouse set - US - black
Logitech M185 - mouse - 2.4 GHz - swift gray


HP Desktop 320K - keyboard - US - Smart Buy


HP 125 - keyboard - US

HP 125 - keyboard - US


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About HayatPro's Mice & Trackballs

Businesses that run on top of dedicated deadlines, major productivity goals, and workforce well-being should go for wired/wireless, ergonomic, next-gen trackball mouse & keyboard solutions. Trackball mouses are suitable for today’s fast-paced organizations as they:

  • Are on-the-go pointing devices that can be operated via finger & thumb impressions on any workstation or spacious facility. And can be easily plugged in with any computing device, from PCs to Laptops.

  • Counteract RSI (repetitive stress injury) by giving good posture to the shoulder, arms, and wrist joints for more easy & comfortable mousing.

  • Eliminate wasteful mouse movements to boost faster deliverables and overall efficiency while doing any minimal to complex computing tasks.

HayatsPro brings you a wide range of trackball mouses with manifold sizes, designs & color options that your team craves for!

Trackball mouses come with both wired and wireless connectivity options. Both types are feasible & efficient when you choose to buy premium-quality products from high-end brands like Logitech, Kensington, Microsoft, and more such. If you don’t like wire clutter and prefer to work on-the-go with laptops over couches, or in some outdoor setting, wireless trackballs would be the best fit. While if you have a huge space with PCs installed, a wired trackball would serve equally to your productivity needs.

With HayatsPro enjoy a complete range of both wired and wireless trackballs from aged brands with a seal of pure quality & warranty!

Both the mouse types are good at their respective places. However, if we have to compare the two based on ergonomic design & productivity standpoint, then the trackball mouse is the clear winner. Talking about trackballs, they are designed to avoid repeat & inconvenient movement of wrists, shoulders & arms, to give a very relaxing position to the hand's complete group of muscles. And with such fewer movements and maneuvering, the work delivery turns out to be quite fast and productive. While the traditional mouse overuse the muscle group, risking early muscle fatigue which doesn’t support fast and efficient outcomes, compared to the trackball mouse.

HayatsPro has a range of latest and fully functional mice and trackballs that are design-friendly & are easy to accommodate in any productivity-driven environment.

Both thumb and finger-operated trackballs are best at their own space. However, to factor in the best choice, refer the USPs of both the options as follow:

Thumb Controlled Trackballs

In this model, you are required to operate the roller ball via your thumb gestures.

  • It supports a hand position similar to traditional mouses.

  • Can be managed over any location, office couches, office nooks, or any comfortable area.

  • Is very lightweight compared to large trackball models.

Finger Controlled Trackballs

In this model, you are required to operate the rollerball  of the mouse via your finger strokes

  • Best for ambidextrous (can be used by the left or right hand) staff.

  • Have laser precision in select models of brands like Kingston.

  • Give immense precision to track horizontal or vertical lines compared to larger trackballs.

You will find every type of mice and trackballs with the custom features and of branded models only at HayatsPro.

Ensuring computers & its touchpoints’ ergonomics for computer users is important as they spend their prolonged-time over computing devices. If the appearance and design of any computing equipment, be it a mouse or keyboard or touchpad is not ergonomic or feasible in design for the human body to use, it can cost employees to deal with long-term deteriorating health effects.

Thus, to boost the mental and physical well-being & morale of employees, you should instate the best-in-class, ergonomic mouse trackball wireless ones and desktop/laptop with ergonomic keyboards or touchpads into your connected workspaces.

HayatsPro brings you a selective range of ergonomic and easy-to-use mouse with trackballs and keyboards from credible brand choices.

HayatsPro is a registered seller that brings ownership of state-of-the-art and ergonomic designed wireless trackball mouse and mechanical keyboard wireless-ones from top-notch brands like Logitech, Kingston, Microsoft, and so much more. We aim to help you discover & integrate next-gen computing solutions that can amplify your workforce’s efficiency level and rev-up your enterprise’s overall productivity goals with excellent work deliverables.


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