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About HayatPro's Interactive Whiteboards & Accessories

An interactive LCD/LED whiteboard screen will let your digital data displayed over a large 57 to 80-inch touch-sensitive screen, easily surpassing the hassle of traditional whiteboards with tiresome pen dragging, wired and unclear projections. 

This large computer accessory will create great connectivity with your computer files and will seamlessly display them to your teams, stakeholders during a meeting, huddle, or a discussion with a smooth finger impression. 

With HayatsPro, migrate to new normal of business interaction with our smart range of LED/LCD whiteboard touch screen displays & accessories.

To make sure not overpaying for features you will never use, consider these features while making a selection from various brands:

  • Resolution:  If your business needs the maximum resolution to display media or run apps with great quality, look for the products that offer high resolution like 1080P or 4K.

  • Multi-user: If you require screens to be managed by multiple presenters simultaneously, look for multi-user whiteboard screens.

  • Multi force - Look for the boards that adjust the line thickness accordingly whenever it senses how hard you are pressing.

  • iPad and Android compatible - Look for compatibility based on other devices you own for interconnectivity.

  • Wireless connectivity - Who like wiring clutter, look for the screens that connect well via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

  • Warranty- Look for the warranty of screens you buy to ensure their predictable long-haul stay & use.

  • Video conferencing inputs - To support your business’s offshore communications, look for the screens with video conferencing features.

At HayatsPro, we will accompany you in factoring features based on your user requirements to help you get the best fit.

When you equip your facility with interactive and visually appealing touch screen whiteboards & accessories over traditional whiteboards:

  • You no longer have to purchase expensive projector lamps & get burnouts.

  • No entangling in the wirings of traditional interactive screens.

  • No maintenance hassles as changing the filters of the projectors.

  • Much clear and cleaner image than projector images.

  • No shadowing on projected images or light shining through the presenter.

When you partner with HayatsPro for touch screen whiteboard display solutions, you get products from the best manufacturers of the market - with a warranty, price only for the features you want, and quality that you cannot wave off.

At HayatsPro, along with bringing you the promising brand choices, we help in assessing your requirements and place bets on the products you surely need. 

We are your one-stop IT solution, helping you right from the selection stage until the product at your doorstep!


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