Projector Accessories

About HayatPro's Projector Accessories

Buying the range of additional projector accessories like projector screens for outdoors or indoors, remote control, lamps, filters, wall mounts, adapters, travel storage carrying cases, and more from HayatsPro --- you can make your important projections as per different facility size or presentation type for be it --- office, home or any public event more impactful and convenient on-the-go.

At HayatsPro, we provide you a range of wireless projectors that can connect easily without the clutter of wire, have WIFI options, but in case you are using the desk computers, you can shop for the HDMI to VGA adapter that allows you to connect HDMI equipped laptops or desk computers up to your projector. We have plug-and-play design options for your quick and easy projector input sources setup.

Moving projectors between different places? Use a projector's travel storage carrying cases made up of heavy-duty material to protect your device from unwanted dents, bumps, scratches, and make it transport to any location safely and quite conveniently. HayatsPro has a range of stylish yet durable travel cases suitable to any device you have.

The projector’s wall and ceiling mount holders are the best accessories to secure and place your devices on any surface you choose. Our range of wall & ceiling hangers for projectors are compact, stylish, portable, high-quality, and can easily adjust to the angle you would like.

If you have a meeting or gathering for an event in the open, it is best to use projectors screens portable for outdoors. Such screens will make your events possible in the outdoor spaces with the bright & HD presentation of multimedia that you want. HayatsPro has a range of projector screens outdoor-based which are easy to carry, install, and play at.

HayatsPro is an authorized reseller of quality-assured and stylish looking accessories from brands like Epson, LG, SONY, and many other names that are made of pure quality and trust. We are not other sellers, we are your complete projection integration services team that can help you pick up the projectors & its accessories customized to your budgets, room sizes, and presentation requirements and help to install them the way you would like.


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