HP Desktop 320MK - keyboard and mouse set - US - Smart Buy
Logitech MK540 Advanced - keyboard and mouse set


V7 CKU200US - keyboard and mouse set - US - black
Logitech Desktop MK120 - keyboard and mouse set - English
Logitech Media Combo MK200 - keyboard and mouse set - English
V7 CKW200US - keyboard and mouse set - US - black
HP 225 - keyboard and mouse set - US - black - Smart Buy
Logitech K120 - keyboard - English - black


HP 235 - keyboard and mouse set - US - Smart Buy


Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo - keyboard and mouse set - US
Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320 - keyboard and mouse set
Lenovo Essential Wired Combo - keyboard and mouse set - US
Lenovo Preferred Pro II - keyboard - QWERTY - US - black
Apple Magic Keyboard - keyboard - QWERTY - US


Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad - mouse pad with wrist pillow
Dell Pro KM5221W - keyboard and mouse set - black
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About HayatPro's Keyboards & Keypads

Wired keyboards connect to your computer’s USB port via a cable. These plug-n-play keyboards don’t require any software or pre-install driver to operate them. Thus, they are best if you have a wired workstation & you prefer going with traditional approaches.

While the wireless keyboards don’t come with any wirings, they can be easily connected via rechargeable batteries or radiofrequency technology (in select models). They are ideal for mobile IT infrastructure, where your workforce likes to function on-the-go, without any messy cable connections.

HayatsPro brings you a smart range of keyboards & keypads for computers suiting your unique usability & design preferences!

While shopping for the computer keyboards, crosscheck the following features:

  • Keys type - Look for the model that has a QWERTY key layout that optimizes typing speed to prevent key jams.

  • keystroke travel distance/keys space - This is an important factor to look for professionals who have rigorous typing tasks on computers.

  • Numerical keypad - Numerical keypads are essentials for actuaries, Business Analysts, accountants who deal with numbers on spreadsheets a lot. So better look for a keyboard supporting a great numerical keypad, or you can additionally buy keypads for computers.

  • Backlighting - If you have a dim light atmosphere, better look for keyboards that come with keyboard backlighting.

  • High-end gaming or media keyboards - If you are looking for keyboards for ps4 or any gaming console, look for the one that’s inclusive of media buttons for controlling video media & sound playback.

  • Padded or ergonomic keyboards - If your staff has straight long-haul use of keyboards, look for the ones that are specially designed for positioning the arms at 90 degrees --- to prevent strain over wrists.

  • Wired & wireless keyboards - Look for either of wired or wireless keyboards or a mix of both --- based on your spacing and workforce’s comfort & usability preferences.

HayatsPro helps you factor in the best computer keyboards & keypads for tablets or Laptops, suiting your workflow needs!

MacBooks or iPads work well with any brand’s standard USB keyboards. You can use any Windows keyboards for Mac or iPad Pro with a wired USB or Bluetooth connection. However, there are certain Windows keys that need to be reassigned to work seamlessly as Mac option keys. 

HayatsPro has an exclusive range of keypads for iPad Pro & all Macs from best brands like Logitech Microsoft, and more!

Yes, keyboards for ps4 or other gaming consoles are quite different in design & built than regular keyboards. They have mechanical switches in place of membrane switches to give gamers better responsiveness. In select models, there are swappable keys or customizable keys for programming macro commands with colored LED lights on few function keys. 

HayatsPro has a range of smartly designed & built keyboards, ideal for any corporate keyboarding to leisure gaming needs!

HayatsPro is a one-stop-shop for all your quality-built, branded, and highly functional computer & mobile hardware like keyboards for window computers and keyboards for iPhone, Mac or so. We bring ergonomic designed keyboards & keypads to meet your heavy-use computing needs with ease. Our products are tested heavily on quality and are brought to you only from best brands like Microsoft, Logitech, Lenovo, and a lot more. 

We let your enterprise espy, select and equip your computers & tablets with keypads & keyboards, highly customized to your workforce’s usability needs. Our range promises you keyboarding without tears!


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