Lexmark C3326dw - printer - color - laser


Lexmark B2236dw - printer - B/W - laser


Xerox B230/DNI - printer - B/W - laser


Xerox C310/DNI - printer - color - laser


HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M555dn - printer - color - laser
HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dw - printer - color - laser
Lexmark B3442dw - printer - B/W - laser


HP LaserJet Enterprise M554dn - printer - color - laser


HP LaserJet Enterprise M507dn - printer - B/W - laser


HP LaserJet Pro M501dn - printer - B/W - laser


HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M555dn - printer - color - laser
Lexmark C3426dw - printer - color - laser


Brother HL-L6200DWT - printer - B/W - laser

Brother HL-L6200DWT - printer - B/W - laser


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HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw - printer - color - laser
HP LaserJet Enterprise M507n - printer - B/W - laser


Xerox VersaLink C400DN - printer - color - laser


HP LaserJet M209dwe - printer - B/W - laser


Lexmark MS621dn - printer - B/W - laser


HP LaserJet Enterprise M611dn - printer - B/W - laser


HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653dn - printer - color - laser
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Top Selling Laser Printers

About HayatPro's Laser Printers

Modern businesses that run on fast and heavy printing requirements need a smart and accessible laser printer to meet all their assorted needs. Laser printers are best to accommodate in your small to a wide network, efficient as they transfer the text & images onto paper of prime quality without smudging or low readability, economical as their optimal sized toner drums can print more sheets relative to their cost.

Looking for such a sustainable and smart solution for your business? HayatsPro has a range of innovative, high-speed, and multifunction laser printers that are --- easy on your budget, powerful on outputs.

While shopping for the laser printer for official use, buy the models that assure high print speed over any network and quality prints of any digitized document.

  • If you have high-outputting needs, we recommend going for the models that deliver the print speed between 30-40 ppm (pages per minute).

  • And if you can’t compromise on the quality print, it is best to go for the models with higher DPI (dots per inch) --- the higher it is, the higher will be the quality of your prints.

At HayatsPro, you’ll find a range of laser printer models with features & functionality that your business specifically expects!

Laser printers come with great wireless connectivity, you can easily set them up for working via a smooth Wi-Fi connection. These printers are easier to install than wired ones, can be easily added to your office networks, and are feasible to receive your instant print tasks from a doable distance.

HayatsPro has an exclusive range of smart and ready-to-connect wireless laser printers for your every enterprise space & print volumes!

There are mainly two types of laser printers --- mono-laser printers and laser printers colored. Which one to opt for out of them, that depends on your business needs:

  • Mono-Laser Printers - They are affordable options compared to laser printers colored ones as they support only back and white printing. They are ideal when you want to print documents, invoices, letters in black & white format. 

  • Laser Printers Colored - These are colored printers that print your colorful images & texts with black, magenta, cyan, yellow toners. You can install them if you have frequent need to print colorful documents, flyers, brochures, charts, logos, or more.

Colored to the non-colored prints, have it all fulfilled with our exclusive range of laser printer models from high-end sellers.

Honestly, both inkjet & laser printer types are influential in their own space.

  • Inkjet printers with ink cartridges are suitable for minimal print volumes.

  • While laser printers with optimally sized toners drum output sharp & clear prints and work best if you have high volume printing needs.

Check out the diverse models of laser printers at HayatsPro by quality brands like Hp, Canon, Brother, and more!

At HayatsPro, we handpick and display only the quality-assured laser printers from powerful brands like HP, Canon, Brother, and a lot more --- that are known for their consistent standard, optimal pricing, and reliability.

We aim to give you complete print solutions with promising functionality & usability that are just right for your business’s workflow and productivity!