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HP S101 - sound bar - for monitor

HP S101 - sound bar - for monitor


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HP S101 - sound bar - for monitor

HP S101 - sound bar - for monitor


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Bose Panaray 802 Series III - speaker - for PA system
JBL Professional All-Weather AWC159 - speaker - for PA system
JBL Pro SoundBar PSB-1 - sound bar - for TV


Dell SB521A - sound bar - for monitor

Dell SB521A - sound bar - for monitor

MPN: Dell-SB521A

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VIZIO SB2020N-J6 - sound bar - for home theater - wireless
Cyber Acoustics CA-2890 - sound bar - for monitor
JBL Professional EON ONE Compact - speaker - for PA system - wireless
HP Z G3 - sound bar - for conference system


JBL Control 28-1 - speaker - for PA system

JBL Control 28-1 - speaker - for PA system


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JBL Professional Control Contractor 24CT - speaker - for PA system
JBL Control 25-1 - speaker - for PA system

JBL Control 25-1 - speaker - for PA system


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Top Selling Speaker Systems & Accessories

About HayatPro's Speaker Systems & Accessories

Modern businesses run on top of a series of virtual meetings, conferences, and endless corporate events. Immersive wireless speakers for stereo systems or Dolby atmos creating home theatre systems stands quite essential addition for them. With a quality-built series of speakers, subwoofer, and a control unit, you can empower your workforce to:

  • Be a part of loud and crystal-clear corporate meetings; to help with productive note-taking and quick takeaways for the project.

  • Take highly-audible and constructive conference calls with remote teams & global clients.

  • Enjoy the lighter side of work by plugging leisure audio for quick fun challenges or sesh in the office.

  • Take great participation in trade fairs, seminars, and other related corporate events with reverberating sound quality.

  • Have clear communication or speech during meetings or huddles for productive collaboration & deliverables.

HayatsPro has a range of quality-built surround sound home theatre systems & sound speakers with stands from the best manufacturing brands!

In a complete Home Theatre System, you get a subwoofer, series of speakers, and a control unit. In many models, there is no control unit. In those cases, subwoofers act as a control-unit that supports a connection with the TV system, smartphone, DVD player, or more.

HayatsPro has an advanced range of home theatre systems that can make your every audiovisual experience bigger & better!

Some speakers come with connectivity wires, while some speakers have a wireless Bluetooth technology. These wireless speakers are the best options to consider if you don’t like wire clutter. However, in such a setting, you will need wires to just connect the main sound sources such as TV, DVD player to a control unit. While the rest of the speakers will easily connect with each other and the main control unit via a Wi-Fi network, without any cable connection.

HayatsPro has a range of best-in-class speakers for tv wireless, Bluetooth speakers with stands, home theatre system wireless, and a lot more!

Yes, to get the immersive sound experience in any room size, you need to pay heed to the power needs of the speaker systems. You will find most of the speaker systems have about 50 watts of power use. If you have a large auditorium sized room, you need to consider powerful speakers that support up to 150 watts of power usage --- to experience a complete Dolby atmos. Note, whether you are buying Bose speakers with stands or any brand’s boom clastic multimedia speakers for TV, make sure the amplifier & speakers are made to withstand that extra power.

HayatsPro has a range of high-wattage speakers for TV and complete home theatre systems from brands with a great warranty!

You can easily connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset to your flat screens, even if it doesn’t support the Bluetooth connection. You can buy a protrude and tiny Bluetooth adapter. It will easily link to a 3.5 mm audio port or to a normal left or right AUX audio port (red and white cables) of your TV. It will help in transmitting and receiving the wireless signals from your home stereo at quick ease.

HayatsPro has a range of additional supportive accessories for your Bluetooth to wired speakers from best-selling brands you always trust!

HayatsPro is a recognized reseller of high-level sound quality home theatre systems, speakers with stands, speakers for TV, and other supportive accessories to amplify the sound playback and operation of your systems. We bring you the best products at steal deals from highly recognized brands like Cisco, Lenovo, LG, Sony, and a lot more. 

Our displayed products are all hand-picked and tested for their extreme quality and warranty. We help you espy, select, and bring aboard the best-in-class complete Dolby atmos creating speaker systems & accessories to let you experience realistic sound-quality.


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