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Lenovo NanoSaver Essential - security cable lock


Targus Defcon Compact Serialized Combo security cable lock
CODi - security cable lock

CODi - security cable lock

MPN: A02043

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Lenovo Security Cable Lock security cable lock


Targus Defcon SCL security cable lock

Targus Defcon SCL security cable lock

MPN: PA410S-1

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CODi Key Cable Lock security cable lock


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About HayatPro's Computer Security Locks

Organizations like you should invest in computer locking cables to protect computers and peripherals from pilfering. The durable & versatile computer security locks and cables are easy to attach to the security slots available now in every modern PC, laptop, printers, and other electronic devices. The computer security locks by HayatsPro are sturdy enough to create a much-needed anti-theft system around your valuable hardware.

No matter what brand’s computer security locks and cables you instate but make sure the product gives you a warranty and is not easily severed. Look for the locking system that has galvanized steel wire and is carbon tempered, so that you get a locking cable that is durable for the long -haul & unpredicted times. At HayatsPro, you get computer security locks that are from the top brands and have a seal of quality and warranty attached to them.

Laptop security locks do work great to restrict your laptops’ movement by intruders. The laptop lock you get at HayatsPro is made up of the strongest steel which helps in clasping your laptops around the immovable objects, probably the desks in your office space, which makes it hard for the burglars to pull & take your valuables away.

Almost every modern laptop you own has some kind of security slot built into their chassis. Most laptop brands like Acer use Kensington security slots, which is a common slot in the PC industry. While the thin laptops from brands like Lenovo have their company’s built mini security slot which saves space. At HayatsPro, Laptop locks are available for every kind of your laptop’s security slot, and for the laptops manufactured without a security slot, you will find there are adhesive based locks that are equally durable and secure.

Computer security locks and cables are ideal for every enterprise environment as they are durable enough to protect any kind of PCs, Laptops, monitors, printers, and other valuable IT devices. By installing HayatsPro’s computer security locks into your enterprise, you can protect your valuables from burglars’ eyes and stay invested in core tasks without any constant worry.

At HayatsPro, we accommodate computer security locking products only which are from the top-notch manufacturers, have uncompromising quality, and are a true fit for every mission-driven organization’s security needs. We aim at serving businesses assured quality products at deals that are affordable and worth taking.


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