Video Camcorders & Accessories

Logitech TV Mount For Video Bars - camera mount


Logitech TV MOUNT XL - camera mount

Logitech TV MOUNT XL - camera mount

MPN: 939-001656

In Stock


AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket - camera mounting kit


CODi - screen cleaning kit for screen


Bosch VGA-IC-SP - camera mounting kit

Bosch VGA-IC-SP - camera mounting kit


In Stock


AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit - camera mounting kit


RAM RAM-B-201U-C - support arm

RAM RAM-B-201U-C - support arm


In Stock


Promaster XtraPower battery - Li-Ion


Nikon WT-6A - wireless network adapter


Ubiquiti camera mounting kit

Ubiquiti camera mounting kit


In Stock


Case Logic Compact Camera Case DCB-302 - case for camera
Bosch VG4-A-PA0 Pendant Arm Mount - camera dome mounting kit
Elgato Multi Mount Weighted Base - mounting base


Nikon MB D16 external battery pack


Cisco camera mounting bracket

Cisco camera mounting bracket


In Stock


Ape Case AC220 - case for camcorder


RAM RAP-CB-201-18AU - mounting arm extension

RAM RAP-CB-201-18AU - mounting arm extension

MPN: RAP-CB-201-18AU

Out of Stock


Canon accessory kit

Canon accessory kit

MPN: 1425C009

Out of Stock


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About HayatPro's Video Camcorders & Accessories

When you will shop Video Camcorders by design and models at HayatsPro, you will get these uncompromising features:

  • Fast Internal Processors - For quick capturing of photos or videos with great sharpness, tonality, details, and little to no blurring.

  • Flip-out LCD touchscreen displays - To have a clear view of shot stills & videos, and easily access the camera setting & controls with a gentle impression.

  • High Flash memory inputs - To give maximum storage capacity to capture any heavy-sized media.

  • Wireless features - To easily connect the cameras with other devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options.

HayatsPro brings to you a range of video camcorders --- featured according to your specific needs!

To enjoy the enhanced camcorder experience, here are 5 camcorder accessories that you must accompany:

  • Camcorder case or bag - If you love shooting outdoors in any extreme weather conditions, get a sturdy, waterproof camcorder case to keep the camcorders protected from all damages & carrying problems.

  • Spare Batteries - Always carry an extra battery, just in case your current batteries run out and you don’t want to miss on capturing certain moments.

  • Digital Stabilizers or tripods - Get shake protection with the firm and solid tripods or digital stabilizers to get steady images or shots during motion.

  • Extra memory cards - Stock up on extra SD cards to avoid running up on storage space while filming space-intensive videos, documentaries, or films.

  • External Microphones - Though camcorders come with the great audio features, but if you are filming footage as Vlogs, documentaries in noisy locations, it is suitable to accompany an external microphone.

To help you in every-way for creating high-quality videos at any hour, HayatsPro has a range of video camera accessories that you just need!

Most camcorders models are good with low-light images or footage capturing. To find the low light insensitive video camcorders, look for models that have minimum lux (a unit of illuminance) --- the minimum this unit is, the better will be the performance of the camera in low ambient light conditions or at night.

Check out Camcorder diverse models at HayatsPro to capture splendid low-light to daylight images!

Digital video camcorders come with in-built microphones that provide quality sound recording and playback. However, to enhance the sound quality in noisy areas, in advanced video camera camcorders models you get a jack to connect external microphones.

Need Camcorders for shooting quality videos with decent audios and microphone jack? Check out the HayatsPro’s smart range of camcorder models that you just need!

HayatsPro brings you a range of high-resolution video camcorders with smooth zoom in & out feature, flip-out LCD touchscreen, optimal memory, fast internal processors, wireless connectivity --- all by your size, design, color, brand preference under one-stop. We carry multiple selections from basic designs to advanced models with next-level features & functions to suit your HD still capture to footage recording needs.


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