ASUS USB-BT500 - network adapter - USB 2.0


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 - Desktop Kit - network adapter - M.2 2230
TP-Link TL-WN725N - network adapter - USB 2.0


Poly BT600 - network adapter - USB

Poly BT600 - network adapter - USB

MPN: 205250-01

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Plugable USB-WIFINT - network adapter - USB 2.0


Plugable - network adapter - USB 2.0

Plugable - network adapter - USB 2.0


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TP-Link Archer T2U Plus - network adapter - USB 2.0


TP-Link UB500 V1 - network adapter - USB 2.0


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About HayatPro's Wireless Networking

A vast range of wireless networking solutions let you create a seamless, secure, and fast network transmission across IT infrastructure, which is much needed for your liveware. The point to point wireless bridge, wireless router antenna or USB wireless adapters helps your computing devices easily go online via connecting with Wi-Fi on-the-go. The types of networking devices help to amplify the range of your weak network and connect manifold hardware to a network for crucial data transfer and access.

Let your enterprise enjoy that seamless network spread with HayatsPro’s smart range of wireless networking products!

For any enterprise, its data security is most crucial. Thus, today’s smart range of wireless networking products as wireless bridge router, wireless controllers switches, wireless adapters, wireless router antennas, and more now come with a centralized data center that helps in meeting the data-heavy demands of users much safely and quickly. You will find network-attached storage modules with RAID in many devices, which helps in backing up your prestigious data & information timely. 

HayatsPro brings you a range of best wireless networking equipment that will not just amplify your network outreach but will protect your data losses too!

Wireless bridges and wireless bridge routers are the best networking solutions to ensure a smooth connection of two wired networks over a WI-Fi. These wireless bridges act as a client who logs into the primary router and achieves an internet connection to further pass it to the IT devices connected to the LAN jacks.

HayatsPro has a viable range of wireless bridges & wireless bridge routers which are best for every Wi-Fi connectivity needs.

HayatsPro is a one-stop hub for all kinds of networking & Wi-Fi connection needs. With us, you will find every range of networking devices like wireless adapters for PC, wireless headphone adapters, wireless router antenna, TV antenna, wireless bridges, wireless controllers and so much more --- from top brands like Netgear, EnGenious, Intel, Cisco that you can count in for superior quality at steal deals. 

With HayatsPro wireless networking solutions, get your business meet secure & improved network architecture and complete efficiency of IT hardware!


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