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Macally MGRIPMAGXL - car holder for cellular phone, navigator
RAM RAM-B-166U - suction cup mount for navigator


AMX - mounting plate for audio transceiver

AMX - mounting plate for audio transceiver

MPN: FGN9101

Out of Stock


RAM RAM-B-166-202U - suction cup mount for navigator

RAM RAM-B-166-202U - suction cup mount for navigator

MPN: RAM-B-166-202U

Out of Stock


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About HayatPro's GPS Devices & Accessories

If you are a business dealing with to and fro vehicles, you should invest in smart and advanced GPS Tracking devices and accessories solutions by HayatsPro to:

  • Gauge your fleet’s routes, movement, traffic congestion on-road, or elsewhere to suggest route optimization.

  • Track fuel consumption and save on excess energy bills.

  • Monitor driver’s speed and driving habits to ensure the safety of fleet vehicles & their inside possessions.

  • Ensure the safe vehicle condition and avoid sudden thefts. 

  • Minimize consignments delivery and unloading delays and dramatically improve business productivity with visibly improved customer services & reduced business bills.

The GPS tracking devices offered by HayatsPro creates live alerts of your business fleet’s entry and exit points, routes, parking schedules, delivery routes, driver’s movements, driving speed, halts for fuel refill --- which helps you to trace suspicions in your vehicle’s way and immediately act on them to avoid delays, losses, hijacks or thefts.

With HayatsPro’s GPS tracking system, you can real-time calculate the approximate amount of fuel used by each vehicle in gallons/dollars. You can bring down the fuel usage and cost by planning for shorter delivery routes, guiding driver’s about engine tune-ups, planning the fuel-station halts, or coaching drivers about how and where to reduce excessive speed. 

By installing and taking full advantage of GPS tracking and navigation devices, you can save your business fuel expenses by up to 20-25%.

Any tracking devices can experience a hard time connecting with satellites due to trees or tall buildings at any unpredicted route hour. At certain locations, you should use Garmin GPS accessories like external vehicle antennas with mount available at HayatsPro --- to detect more satellites, boost GPS’s signal quality, and get accurate inputs even when your vehicle comes across skyscrapers or cliffs.

HayatsPro is an authorized reseller of a complete range of GPS tracking systems and additional GPS accessories like types of network antennas, antenna mounts, GPS cases, receiver modules, and more from trusted brands like Garmin. We take ownership of top-brands to serve your business with durable, optimal priced & convenient GPS tracking and navigation solutions that ensure your personal vehicle to the enterprise’s fleets sound security and efficient use.