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V7 notebook sleeve

V7 notebook sleeve


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V7 Essential Laptop Bag notebook carrying case


Wenger Synergy notebook carrying backpack


HP Renew Business - notebook carrying case


Lenovo - notebook privacy filter

Lenovo - notebook privacy filter

MPN: 4XJ1D33268

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CODi - back cover for tablet

CODi - back cover for tablet

MPN: C30705065

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Lenovo ThinkPad Basic Topload - notebook carrying case
Targus Replacement Install Kit installation kit


Case Logic Advantage 14" Attaché notebook carrying case
Rain Design iLevel 2 notebook stand


Lenovo Casual Toploader T210 notebook carrying case


V7 Elite notebook sleeve

V7 Elite notebook sleeve


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4XEM - SIM card eject tool for cellular phone, tablet
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About HayatPro's Tablets & Tablet PCs

Today’s next-gen technology-based Tablet computers with USB port, keyboard, stylus are ideal computing equipment to get connected, stay productive, and be agile.

  1. Get Connected - Tablets let you transport valuable business data like spreadsheets, whitepapers, and email attachments to diverse job sites with ease. It lets your sales lead perform high-quality quick presentations to the clientele over the best Tablets. Also, lets professionals away on business excursions connect with coworkers and clients via Tablets with Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Stay productive - Tablet PCs with long battery life, advanced internal components, optimal memory support, increased speed can keep you up for business needs for long hours --- outside and inside the office space.

  3. Be agile - Being lightweight and cordless, you can easily transport Tablets in carrying cases, a small briefcase, carry-on bags to perform business meetings or activities from wherever you like.

Shop from an exclusive range of Tablet PCs with Stylus, USB support from HayatPro on-the-go.

Here are the few factors you can look for while buying Tablet PCs for artists or visual teams:

  • Resolution - Look through the graphics requirements and decide what kind of resolution will fit best to create visible high-quality strokes.

  • Active area - Bigger the active area, the better it is to get broad hand movements. An active area 10 X 6 inches works well to draw great illustrations with free movements.

  • Pressure sensitivity - Higher pressure sensitivity supports the darkest strokes, an ideal pressure sensitivity in tablets is 8192 Levels.

  • Stylus support - You can go for the battery-based stylus to battery-free EMR technology-based Stylus based on your convenience.

  • OS support - Look for the Tablets which are compatible with your preferred OS Android, macOS, and Windows to easily connect them with the phones for on-the-go creations.

At HayatsPro, factor in & opt the best features of Tablet PCs for drawings or illustrations work as per your distinct needs!

You can transfer files between MacOS, Windows, or Android Tablet computers and other devices via USB ports & cables, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Technology, or by using cloud apps.

At HayatsPro, we vend packaged Tablet PCs from the biggest brands like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and more with diverse & seamless connectivity options.

HayatsPro brings you one step closer to the Tablets/Tablet computers from the most trusted brands like Apple, Windows, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, and others to never let you compromise on quality and the features you pay for. With our integrated computing services, we let you plan, select, and prepare your mobile IT infrastructure with top-quality, custom, and multitasking Tablets and Tablet PC products --- to keep your business’s uptime at max.


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