HP t430 - DTS - Celeron N4020 1.1 GHz - 4 GB - flash 32 GB - US
HP t430 - DTS - Celeron N4020 1.1 GHz - 4 GB - flash 32 GB - US
Dell Wyse 3040 - DTS - Atom x5 Z8350 1.44 GHz - 2 GB - 8 GB
HP t740 - SFF - Ryzen Embedded V1756B 3.25 GHz - 8 GB - flash 16 GB - US
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Top Selling Thin Clients

About HayatPro's Thin Clients

Thin clients by connecting remotely to a server-based computing environment help businesses with:

  • Saving Spaces - Being unsurprisingly, physically tiny, they can rope in any small workspace, and since they hand over the heavy lifting to servers, they don’t need fans around to cool down the machine’s internals.

  • Saving business dollars - Have fewer internal parts --- not many ways the computer will breakdown easily, they are easier to set up which saves your IT costs, with not much internal parts and OS/software handled by the server --- they aren’t easily replaceable.

  • Enhancing security - With all the activity centered in one place, it's quite easy for your team to keep an eye on every move and put down any suspicious activity on immediate effect.

  • Manageability - Your employees using Thin Clients can remotely connect to a server (servers), where it will take less time to set up, run windows update, fix common issues.

  • Reducing carbon footprints - Being smaller than regular PCs, they produce less heat than a PC/laptop and don't need old mechanical parts replaced or thrown away.


At HayatsPro, we help you place your business dollars at best thin client models that are effective, sleek, and flexible to meet your any virtual computing needs.

Thin clients are more secure because they do not have storage capacity, they store everything on terminal servers and have:

  1. USB Ports - They have USB ports which make the data transfers possible on the terminal server. It is very easy for you & your employees to send confidential files to the cloud. And since there is no storage, the chances of you copying data on USB sticks are greater than on traditional PCs.

  2. Central Storage Systems - Data saved and accessed from a centralized server is quite secure than the data spread across users’ computers & various drives.

At HayatsPro, we vend the products which offer a secure and efficient virtual desktop Infrastructure environment around you!

With great options in the market, it can be hard to strike on a suitable product. Analyze your business requirements in detail and take the following things into considerations:


  • For running text-based apps and limited peripherals requirements, you can go for standard low-cost devices.

  • If you manage a large number of applications & complex documents, a product with mid-level functionality, basic multimedia features & multitasking efficiencies will be suitable.

  • To run computer-intensive applications, think of models that deliver rich multimedia as full-motion video & enhanced browsing, have integrated smartcard reader, 2D/3D graphics, multiple connectivity options & supports quad monitors with fiber connections.


Best devices are those which do not take extensive time to set up and help to save the businesses on IT costs. Look for the thin clients that facilitate easy connectivity, network compatibility, ease of deployment & reduced overall installation time. And have firmware upgrades and patches as few. In short, find the ones, with which you don’t have to spend costly in setting up a dedicated IT department.

Display Protocol Support

Regardless of your user demands and workflows, no virtual infrastructure setup is complete without Thin Clients with extensive protocol support. Comprehensive remote display protocol support is required to streamline, secure, and speed up communication happening between the endpoint and backend host and to facilitate in-depth projects.

Look for the Thin client laptop, computers that support remote display protocols according to your business’s project size and scope.

At HayatsPro, we help you analyze your business requirements and make a selection of models that justifies your needs from all levels.

HayatsPro offers a wide range of thin client computers that goes beyond hardware and extends your business’s well-managed, secure, purpose-led virtual desktop infrastructure. We help you find efficient models from bestselling brands that symbolize your top-notch quality and affordability needs.

Thin client HP, Thin Client Lenovo, Thin Client Dell and more--- with us find every best selling brand of today!


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