Cisco Catalyst 9120AXI - wireless access point


SonicWall TZ270 - security appliance

SonicWall TZ270 - security appliance

MPN: 02-SSC-2821

In Stock


SonicWall TZ270W - security appliance

SonicWall TZ270W - security appliance

MPN: 02-SSC-2823

In Stock


Cisco Catalyst 9120AXE - wireless access point


SonicWall TZ370 - security appliance

SonicWall TZ370 - security appliance

MPN: 02-SSC-2825

In Stock


SonicWall TZ270 - Advanced Edition - security appliance


SonicWall TZ370 - Essential Edition - security appliance


SonicWall TZ270 - High Availability - security appliance
SonicWall TZ270 - Advanced Edition - security appliance


SonicWall TZ370 - Advanced Edition - security appliance


Cisco Catalyst 9130AXI - wireless access point


SonicWall TZ370 - Advanced Edition - security appliance


Cisco Catalyst 9130AXE - wireless access point


SonicWall TZ270 - Essential Edition - security appliance


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Top Selling Network Security

About HayatPro's Network Security

A firewall hardware’s role is to stop the unauthorized connections or malicious software program from entering your enterprise’s private network. They are like physical locks that create a barrier to entry for any DDOs attacks. By constantly monitoring the incoming & outgoing traffic from your network, they prevent any intruder to take over your data network and control your computer systems. On suspecting any unauthorized user or program entering your network, this hardware blocks or decides the fate of that network by pre-defined network security best practices!

HayatsPro has a range of highly-secure, wireless to wireless firewall appliances for any basic to multilayer network you own!

Whether you are looking for firewalls for best home network security or for your corporate system security, it should:

  • Protect your networks & systems against DDOS (distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. Make sure the firewall you are buying can connect to the systems to detect the intrusions or DDOS from happening. With a mitigation feature, they should protect the networks from the potential influence of the threat.

  • Know how to regulate remote access to a private network. It is highly-economical to purchase an appliance that integrates a VPN solution as it will also save a lot of time incurred on authorization & support procedures, separately.

  • Aid Vendor support for customer services. Invest in reliable products from brands whom you can reach out in case of any support services and additional resources for network security best practices.

  • Support alternative ports for additional services. Having alternate ports keeps the critical services as remote desktop control safeguarded from probable attacks.

  • Support standard backup feature that powers the secondary firewall device, in case the initial firewall device acts out on performance.

  • Support the Sandboxing feature to isolate & monitor files in some virtual landscape to prevent malicious content from affecting them.

HayatsPro has the best-in-class firewall & other wireless network security devices from top brands your network & systems can trust!

You will find select firewall models that send notification & security alerts whenever the attack is suspected. The notification or alerts, help your networking managers to inspect the router logs to create and deploy mitigation solutions - before the attacks advances and take a course on business downtime & substantial revenue losses. 

HayatsPro has a range of advanced firewall equipment that alerts & mitigates the potential network threats!

HayatsPro takes ownership of the best-in-class brands like WatchGuard, Fortinet, and SonicWall to help you instate durable & secure firewall & other network protection equipment. Our range of firewall models is ideal for your best home network security or corporate system security. 

Our highly featured network security equipment is tested for their extremes and is made on top of network security best practices. With our promising range of networking solutions, you don’t have to worry about your pivotal data, enterprise assets, revenue, the workforce’s safety & interests ever getting tampered.


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